Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Back To School Shopping

Organised and armed with a detailed shopping list, the kids and I set off at 7.30 this morning for the annual back to school shopping trip. After driving for an hour to get where I needed to go, I was in and out of the stationary store in half an hour flat. It was the shoes, lunchboxes, bags and other incidentals that took all the time and dollars!
However, it's all done now, and all that remains is for me to cover the books and find out what classes they are in - too easy!
I also went to Ikea - a most frustrating place to shop if you ask me, and Freedom. At Ikea, I got 42 scented tea light candles for $6, and some white photo frames for Harry's walls (into which I will put pictures of vintage aeroplanes). At Freedom, I found some striped teatowels in lovely summery colours and grabbed half a dozen. I now have teatowels to last me a month without washing! Maybe I'll do what Kali's done and turn some into cushions or bags :)
What else - We found a great little shop and purchased a load of "hippy" clothes for not a lot really. Miss*Gabbie is very happy to have some new clothes to share with me! Oh and I also got Sam the Foxy Dog a new red collar complete with a diamante studded letter "S" and some new toys, so he is happy too.
I have to go now and remove the bags of stuff from the middle of the floor now, so we can walk through the house without tripping over!



Blogger shellyC said...

i also mfind IKEA very very frustrating....Firstly because the nearest one to me is three hiurs away and Secondly because of the amount of money I always end up spending there!!!

2:47 PM  
Blogger Flossy said...

I would have spent more money there, but I couldn't figure out the whole self-serve thing, nor find thepiece I actually wanted, so I gave up and saved myself a hundred bucks! (still don't have a bookshelf for the kid's room tho).

11:20 PM  
Blogger Kali said...

I've got one of these days coming up when I get mine ready for school. Though with one, It must be a lot easier (and cheaper)...Mine doesn't go back to school 'til second week in Feb.
It's a great idea having a heap of tea towels, makes life much easier and nicer in the kitchen. Also is great when you're at a loose end, to pull one out of your new stash and make something ;)
Hope you have a happy day Suzie.

7:54 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

I have never been to IKEA..There is no store near me. I have always wanted to visit one.
I don't miss the school shopping days. Hectic..and the kids always had these "ideas" about what was a must have vs. necessary. The stores are crazy when all the parents have the lists for the supplies and we dodge one another looking for basically the same things. Yeah, craaaaazy...
But the up side was..when DDs were buying new duds---there were more fun things for me to "borrow" on occasion.

11:08 PM  

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