Thursday, January 26, 2006

Frogs and Friends.

Harry bear had a lovely birthday. Thank you all for your kind birthday wishes.

We had our pizza and bonfire last night, and we all had a great time. We discovered a family of frogs on the roof, who were very interested in all the goings on, peering over the gutter to get a good look! The men and kids played cricket under lights with lots of laughter and carrying on like madmen.
Then we stuffed our faces with pizza and birthday cake (both store-bought - it was sooo hot yesterday, too hot for cooking), and lit the bonfire to toast marshmallows.
The kids thought us "grown-ups" had completely lost it when we started working out what our names were backwards - have you ever done that? We thought it was hilarious, although that could have been the beer and wine!

All in all, a pleasant, relaxing time with good friends.

Today we are off to an Australia Day BBQ - more fun, food and swimming too!

Happy Australia Day.



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