Thursday, January 05, 2006

Going Batty in the Backyard!

Thought I would show you the view from the back deck of the cottage. As you can see we are on a sloping block, and haven't done an awful lot! We do however, have our very own bat colony. (1st pic) They are fruit bats, otherwise known as flying foxes, and they turned up one morning about 18 months ago. They left for a few months last year, but they are back now, and after looking up information on them, it seems they are here for the long haul.
The trees run along a creek, and apparently that is just the kind of spot they like. I am going to ring someone (not sure who yet) to let them know they are here, if they want to study them. We quite like having them - now we are used to it - and when they glide off in the evening to go stripping (other people's) fruit trees bare, it really is quite a spectacular sight.
They also like the mulberry tree (bottom pic) when it's fruiting, but I don't really mind as there is enough fruit for everyone!



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