Monday, January 23, 2006

I did ok.

Well, I almost got everything on my list done. I swept the floors (and now I realise I need to mop too), got the washing dry and de-cobwebbed the puter area, and sort of decluttered a bit. Actually, what I did was find a pretty pink box to put all my stationary supplies in. Like many of you, I am a sucker for stationary, and it was scattered all over the house, especially after the back to school thing. Now it is "corralled" (as they say on those marvelous organisational websites) in one place, and I know where to find it. No mean feat I might say.
And the reason I didn't get everything on my list done, is because my pregnant sister came to visit me. I never turn down a cuppa and a chat! Junior is due at the end of May, and despite the fact that I personally think she is mad, I am happy for her and looking forward to meeting my new nephew. They are tossing around names at the moment, with Jackson and Cooper being the front runners, but that may change between now and the big day. This is number 4 for her and number 2 for her partner, the youngest being 14. I think they are very brave.
It's Harry Bear's birthday on Wednesday - he will be 9 years old. He has requested a chocolate cake to be brought to school please, so that's 2 birthday cakes I have to make. We are having friends around for pizza and bonfire that night, and we are having a cake then too. Speaking of cakes, I have to go and make one for the lunchboxes tomorrow. Coconut I think. I had better go and do that now, else I'll be up all night - again.



Blogger Kali said...

Good on ya, flossy ~ it's always encouraging when you put a 'dent' in it...and before you know it, you'll have your own little routine going, and you won't know yourself. It does get easier, I promise, by just keeping on top of it. You'll work out what works and feels right for you and your family.
BTW ~ I'm the same, can't pass up on good chin wag and a cuppa & congrats. on being an aunty again soon.
Lucky Harry Bear ~ chocolate birthday cakes & pizza & a bonfire ~ sounds awesome!

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