Saturday, January 28, 2006

Lunch yesterday was YUM. I had salt and pepper calamari, and it was a HUGE meal - I am still feeling full!
Last night, we got comfy to watch the movie The Dukes of Hazzard. Now, I loved that show when I was a kid, never missed it. But after about half an hour we turned it off and went to sleep. It wasn't a good movie at all. Do yourself a favour and leave it at the shop...

Harry bear has gone to his dad's for the weekend, and Miss*G, Princess and I are going shopping while Yog is at work. While the cat's away etc *lol*
We are having a games night tonight, with 3 other couples. It's the first of a once a month thing that we have decided to do, and we need some new Yahtzee dice. Ours are a bit worn, and I don't think anyone else would be able to tell what they are! I am also getting Harry Bear a new skateboard as a slightly belated birthday present (he did get other stuff on the day!) as his current one is just about dead.

Oh and the big news from yesterday....
I am going to rent a space for my work, and it will be a showroom too! I'm very excited. It's my girlfriend's shed, but it is all set up as a 2 bedroom flat. I will work in one room, and set the rest up as a little home, except everything in this home will be for sale! I will start moving my stuff next week, and then I can get work out of the house and maybe we can get on with the renovations.
It will take a couple of months before the showroom is ready to open, but of course I will keep you up-to-date. I have to paint and decorate and all those fun things, but I have a renewed enthusiasm for work now, which has to be a good thing.



Blogger The Rich Gypsy said...

GOOD FOR YOU SUZIE !!! I look forward to seeing the progress reports. (Enjoy your shopping).

7:29 AM  
Blogger ms*robyn said...

oh I can't wait to see it & don't forget to send me those monthly newsletters from you group !

8:05 AM  
Blogger Calidore said...

Congratulations. Having your own work space will be wonderful. Would love to see photos of your progress.

9:42 AM  
Blogger Sara said...

That sounds fabulous! Lucky you.

1:28 PM  
Blogger Cookie said...

I wish you every success in your new venture Flossy. Good Luck!

11:38 AM  

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