Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Making Things

Right, just because I'm having a slack attack, doesn't mean you have to! Here are a couple of "recipes" for you to try. Hope you like them.

Summer Potpourri

3 teaspoons ground cinnamon
1 tablespoon ground orris root
1 whole nutmeg, grated
40 drops lavender oil
40 drops rose geranium oil
10 drops mandarin oil
7.5 cups dried flower petals and heads (rose petals, rosebuds,peonies, lavender etc)

Mix together the cinnamon, orris root and nutmeg in a mortar. Add the essential oils and blend to a moist powder using the pestle. Put the flower petals into a large (glass) mixing bowl and mix thoroughly with the oil and spice mixture. Place mixture into a large, lidded ceramic or glass container and leave to cure for six weeks, stirring occasionally. After six weeks it is ready to be distributed into gorgeous containers for placing strategically around your home. If you do it now (Australian ladies) you will have the smells of summer wafting about right through autumn!

Beeswax and Turpentine Wood Polish

75g/3oz natural beeswax
200ml/3/4 cup pure turpentine
20 drops cedarwood oil
10 drops sandalwood oil

Grate beeswax coarsely and place into a screw-top jar. Pour on the turps, screw on the lid and leave for a week, stirring occasionally until the mixture becomes a smooth cream. Add essential oils and mix in well. You are now ready to polish your furniture up to a beautiful shine.

The two recipes above are courtesy of "The Country Store" by Stephanie Donaldson, published by Hermes House.



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