Saturday, January 07, 2006

My Poor Car

Well, went out late this morning after it had stopped raining, to inspect the damage:

My car is covered with dents - bonnet roof and sides.
Yog's ute has a few dents on the bonnet.
The shed has huge dents all over the roof.
The house roof has a couple of big dents on one side, and lots of big dents on the other!
My roses came through with only minimal damage, and they will come back fine.
A couple of trees down out the back.
The creek down the back is swollen.
The whole property is soggy, soggy, soggy.

We got away lightly. Plenty of people with tiled roofs have had smashed tiles and leaks through their homes. One of my friends lost both front and back windscreens on her car as well as the obligatory dents.

And they say to expect more wild weather!



Blogger Kali said...

gosh ~ not a nice thing to have to go through...and more on the way? Eeekkk. Hope you guys get through it okay Flossy...keep us updated.

9:08 PM  

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