Tuesday, January 03, 2006

My Poor Garden...

It's 35 degrees inside today, and everyone and everything is feeling it. All my pot plants have died (and yes I HAVE been watering them), see picture above that used to be a fuchsia. Forever optimistic, I thought I could grow them in Queensland - ha!
My beautiful roses are getting burnt, and the only spot in the garden that is doing ok are the petunias and dianthus - and really, I think they are pretty hard to kill! The mock orange are doing great too, but a few more days like this and I think even they will start wilting.
Boy, gardening here is really hard work. In New Zealand, it's just a matter of sticking something in the ground and pretty much forgetting about it until it blooms beautifully.
So I'm praying for a storm sometime this afternoon, but it doesn't look like my prayers will be answered today. With the water restrictions we have, I feel guilty about watering, even when I'm allowed to.

I went to visit my neighbour, Julie, today, and we have decided to go walking in the mornings, starting tomorrow at 5am. Thank goodness - I'm not motivated enough to do it by myself, but I'm feeling like a fat slob after the excesses of Christmas, and not doing any exercise since netball finished in November. We have decided on the route and it will give us about a 2k walk, which is just nice to start with.
I also went for a dip in her pool, which was warm! It seems nothing is cool in this weather. Roll on winter!!

Came home and am making multi-grain bread rolls to go with our pasta dinner tonight - not that I feel like cooking, but I haven't done anything today, so at least I will feel better about homemade rolls. (Even if the dough is being whizzed by the bread maker as I speak!)

Brooke and Harry come home from New Zealand on Thursday and I'm so looking forward to having them back - who'd have thought LOL. They may stay at their dad's until Sunday though, which gives me a bit more time to finish painting the bedroom - I'll show you when it's done and all put back together. My sister and her other half fly back in this afternoon - looking forward to the kiwi food they're bringing back with them!



Blogger ms*robyn said...

it is hot here too and is supposed to get hotter in the next few days. I hate it !!
I don't feel guilty at all when I water my plants. I don't waste it, I water conservatively and we have to be able to live.
I have lost one tree this summer so far which is not too bad. With my pot plants, I mulch them with lucerne to keep the moisture in and move them to a cooler spot.
Hope it cools down soon for all of us !

5:24 PM  
Blogger Alice said...

If your fuchsia hasn't long 'died', cut it back, mulch it like Ms Robyn suggests and move it into the shade, water it well and you may be surprised. They are really quite hardy plants, but certainly better grown in the shade in Qld.

Pots generally shouldn't be allowed to dry out completely as the soil then 'shrinks' away from the sides of the pot and when you do water them, the water simply runs down between the pot and the soil, and the roots never see it. If this has happened to your pots, loosen the soil and add some water crystals. You can also stand the pot in a large bucket or tub of water until the soil is soaked through. Very dry soil becomes water-repellant, so it needs to be thoroughly moistened before it will accept water again.

Sorry if I'm telling you something you already know; it's just my compulsion to try and help people enjoy their gardens and plants more.

7:39 AM  

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