Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Organised? Me?

My new organisational tool!

So, to start the New Year, I went and got myself a diary. I hunted until I found the perfect one for me - It's called the Enviro Diary, and is made from recycled paper. It has a day to a page (I'll explain why this is so important), and lots of great info, including environmentally friendly cleaning tips and recipes :)

Now since one of my aspirations this year is to be organised, and another is to keep the house a little cleaner and tidier, I worked out my morning, afternoon and evening routines, and attached them (on a seperate piece of paper) to the inside front page, along with my weekly routines and what I do on which day of the week.
Part of my evening routine is to make a list of what I need to accomplish the next day - I have tried so many different ways of organisation, you just wouldn't believe! This seems to work the best, but where to put that list? Right on the appropriate page of my diary! It may seem logical and obvious to you, but I feel like I have discovered penicillin :) Said diary is A5 size, so will fit into whatever bag I happen to be using on any given day (did I mention I love bags? No? Well I do). I can cart the thing wherever I go, and write down any phone numbers, information I'd like to remember, or anything else I feel like writing down. Every night I can transfer the information into my "master folder" which holds just about everything I will ever need to know. I know this all sounds a bit obsessive, but I am a person that is so totally disorganised most of the time, that I NEED one place for everything. I'm sick of bits of paper floating around with numbers and phone messages and such on them - I invariably end up throwing out something important.

Anyway, just doing this has made me feel organised for the year - all I have to do now, is stick to my routines. Although I promise not to be pedantic about it - I am not going to turn down an invitation to lunch because it happens to be that day I clean the bathroom!!
I'll keep you informed on how well this idea works :)



Blogger ms*robyn said...

yep - I am a routine girl..could not survive without it & I really do love to clean my home.
Love the diary - I bought a new journal to start the year and am in the process of decorating the cover.
sure hope we can inspire each other !

10:11 AM  

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