Sunday, February 26, 2006

Blogroll Grrrrrr

I would like to apologise to everyone if it seems like I have not been visiting you lately.

As you can see, I have Blogroll, and it is set up so that I can tell at a glance whether you have posted something new. Only problem is, it doesn't seem to be working in the way I would like it to!
Today, I realised that I have missed out on quite a few posts, and I'm decidedly upset about it - I've caught up with everyone now, and I promise to manually check from now on, so I don't miss anything you've written.

Last night was "games night". Once a month, Sweetie and I get together with my sister and brother-in-law, and another couple who are dear friends, and we play silly games. Yesterday was Trivial Pursuit. Loads of fun and some rather strange questions and stranger answers! We didn't win, but it matters not one whit - we all had a ball.

My aim today is to design and sew a very cute apron, for a special project - details to follow soon, if it all works out in the way I am hoping. However, being Sunday and the family are all home, I may have to wait until tomorrow when I have the house to myself again. School uniforms and bedding beckon from the laundry, and it's a lovely drying day so I should really get into that :)

I was hoping to get out for a family picnic, but Sweetie is working this morning, and Miss*G has just wandered off to the riding club down the road, as one of her friends is competing today. Actually, the sewing machine is looking good right now!

I'm off to get things done - hope you all have a restful, enjoyable weekend, catch you tomorrow!



Blogger Maggie Ann said...

It sounds like a fun kind of day. I wondor, did you get your apron made? I like aprons and we use them all the time.

4:20 PM  

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