Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Hermit

I haven't left the house in three days. And I have to say, that it has been most enjoyable. I think I could quite easily become a hermit, if I didn't have to grocery shop! Which I really have to do today, much to my disgust.
So that is my day mapped out for me - planning my menu and baking, making a list and heading out into the big wide world, along with every man and his dog.
Yesterday was productive and enjoyable, just me and my washing machine working hard together.
I fear I am becoming a bore, because I'm not doing anything particularly interesting - I don't really classify housework as interesting. However, I am enjoying myself nonetheless. So if I don't post anything for the next couple of days, you'll know I'm just pottering around, cooking and cleaning. But I'll try and find something quirky like the pink dolphins for you to look at!



Blogger Peggy said...

Flossy thank you for offering to let Norman spend a few of his vacation days with you! Would you please email your mailing address to me? I will be making a list of his stop overs to send everyone soon. I am sure Norman will have a great time visiting you. email:

8:43 AM  
Blogger dolly said...

I am so the same! sometimes DH comes home from a manic day at work and I have just been pottering around to myself all day - what different lives we lead! I enjoy actually cleaning but I *hate* tidying up and with 3 dollies here that is what takes the time!

I read on Ms*R's that you like to plan your menu at Recipezaar too, how funny! I use the shopping list facility there, I find it really useful

8:51 AM  

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