Saturday, February 04, 2006

Saturday Morning Wanderings.

I rose gracefully (ha!) this morning at 5am. I was on a mission - a garage sale mission.
Ms*G was too lazy to get up and come with me, so I was flying solo. Off to the first sale at 6am. Nothing. Second? Nothing. Third - same again. By the fifth one, which thankfully was just around the corner from home, I was feeling a bit disappointed.
But there was a cot - my sister needs one of those. Hmmm, good condition and only $30. Now that's gotta be a bargain, I think to myself. Will she take $20? Yes!
Came home and rang Toni-Lee, and have sent her around to pick up her bubba's new bed.

Tomorrow, I am up even earlier to drive about 45 minutes to a flea market. I will be on the lookout for scrumptious treasures, as well as a certain "rich gypsy". Ms*G WILL get up tomorrow morning (even if it takes a squirt of cold water *lol*), to keep me company on the drive, and help me rummage for goodies. I am so looking forward to a girly day of bargain hunting!



Blogger Garden girl said...

did you say flea market???? that word is banned in our house! lol!
I have to go alone...did you get any bargains??

11:47 PM  

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