Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Sick Babbas

My Harry Bear is not very well - at least he wasn't last night, and this morning I can't be too sure. He could just be feigning it in the hopes he won't have to go to school today.
For the last few weeks, when he has returned from his weekend visit with his father, he has had a vomiting attack. Except this week it was a day later.
I am trying to pinpoint what the cause of it could be. It could be too much sun, too much junk food, or a migraine due to stress (I have no idea what their father tells them when they are there).
When he is sick it is quite severe - an all night thing. I think I will have to take him to the doctor - maybe it is some stomach thing, but it's strange it's once a week, don't you think?
The Princess is also not feeling well this morning, but I tend to think that is a residual from her first training session yesterday (she worked hard), and she isn't used to too much excercise and hard work - Why do you think we call her Princess?
I have 45 minutes to monitor them and make a decision on whether to send them off to school today. I'll let you know...



Blogger jellyhead said...

It's awful when your kids are sick, isn't it? You just want to wave a wand and make them all better.
I agree it's a good idea to get Harry Bear checked-out - see if the doc can work out what's happening and why. That way you won't feel all the worry and responsibility is on you, and maybe something can be done to help Harry Bear.

Hope both Princess and Harry Bear are fully recovered soon.

7:20 AM  
Blogger Flossy said...

Princess is off to school, feeling fine but a bit sore. Bear is staying home, and I have to take Miss*G to an orthodontist appointment this morning, which I forgot until she reminded me!

7:34 AM  
Blogger ms*robyn said...

hope Harry is ok. Stress can do awful things to people. Maybe time together with a little chat, just the two of you and you can sus it out?

7:42 AM  
Blogger BrocanteHome said...

Hope they are both Ok hon. My sisters little boy is going through the same thing and we still can't decide whether it is a reaction to spending the weekend with his Dad. Poor little babbas.
Hugs to you...

8:19 AM  
Blogger my vintage days said...

Hope you figure out what is upsetting his little tummy. Food & stress seem to really effect the stomach.

11:27 AM  
Blogger Nicole said...

I'm with Ms*Robyn...though my 'Hairy Bear' went through a terrible time of stomach upsets before he wasw diagnosed with a wheat allergy! Very similar as well, with upsets once a week ot thereabouts... Something to think about? Hope all is well adn tell 'princess' Yay for her.. you go girl!

12:24 PM  
Blogger dolly said...

Hope Bear feels better soon...I don't know what to suggest, seems a bit strange that his upset comes after he has been to his dads

...on the netball thing - do you play? I think I read you did? I love the netball here, it is so much bigger than what I am used to in the UK - I umpired tonight rep teams of 15 yr olds for this area - boy were they good! ...and fast...I need to get my *** down the gym everyday if I am gonna be playing again in 6 wks time! after not playing since October eeek!

on your massage entry - thank you so much for that, I suffer from tension in my neck shoulders and back, always have done from a very young age, yet I still don't get to the osteopath enough - I find a massage with him fantastic and it lasts for ages, every time I have one I vow I will have one often to ward off problems then another 6 months go past...your entry has prompted my to spend the $$$ on me and start loving this dolly bod a bit!

love dollx

8:04 PM  
Blogger Flossy said...

Good for you Doll!

And yes, I do play netball, but like you, haven't played for a few months. I have weak ankles and tend to injure myself fairly regularly, so I have to be careful, but I love to play, and I'm just not ready to give it up quite yet :)

I hope I don't regret those words any time soon!

8:31 PM  
Blogger The Rich Gypsy said...

Flossy ... my boys always come back home from time with their Dad with colds! Never been able to work out how that happens. Also, on the subject of stress, since I left his father, my big boy (who used to have regular seizures) has only had one ... ONE in nearly three years ... and, although he did have an ear infection, it was also a day that his father failed to turn up for visitation (because he was too tired); failed to ring and tell us; I had three little boys dressed all nicely; and they were so bitterly disappointed. He loves his Dad but even the neuro says there's some connection there ... and cites 'stress' as a probably cause.

Hope Harry Bear is feeling better again now.

6:06 AM  
Blogger Flossy said...

I'm inclined to think that it's stress causing this problem. Hary's a pretty sensitive kid, and truly, his father is an idiot. (Says a lot for my taste in men huh). The carry on when we first separated wasunbelievable, and I don't know what happens there when the kids go over. They are instructed not to tell me anything. It's so sad, but all I can do is be here for them whenever they need me.

Anyway, Harry is fine now - came right late morning yesterday.

Thanks everyone :)

6:23 AM  

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