Saturday, March 11, 2006

A Bit Too Close to Home

There was a break-in at the house at the end of the street yesterday. Broad daylight.

I saw the "perps" and I feel awful I didn't call the police - it was fairly obvious they were up to no good.
I first noticed them while I was on the phone, driving very slowly up and down the street (we live in a cul-de-sac) a couple of times. I saw them drive out and thought they had gone. I went into my sewing room at the back of the house. A while later, I was in the bedroom again, and saw three young boys walking down towards the end of the street - at that point I did wonder if I should call the police, but they were clean cut and not acting furtive at all. I took note of what they were wearing and went back to work.

That afternoon, I found out about what happened. I went down to talk to the police and to tell them what I had seen. Fortunately, these guys were pretty stupid. They knocked on two doors and when opened, concocted some story about a lost dog. One of te neighbours saw them leave and followed them to the park around the corner, where he found them screwing their license plates back onto their car - of course he noted the number. The police took all the details, and hopefully, have got these nasty people, and recovered the kids toys etc that they took.

The woman who lives there is a single mum with two of the loveliest kids. She owns the house and works hard to send her kids to a good school and provide for them. It riles me so much that these scum think they deserve to have anything they want without working, and they don't care who suffers, as long as the world gives them what they think they are owed. I could rant about that for hours...

The upshot is that Sweetie now agrees with me that he should not leave his keys in his (expensive) ute overnight, and his shed and tool trailer should probably be locked too! this is such a quiet area, and nothing like this has happened before, and he is complacent. Was complacent.

Horrible reflection on the society we live in today.



Blogger Kali said...

Just don't get me going in regards to such selfish idiots. I've been burgled in broad daylight whist my stepson was in bed no less!
It was terrible, and such an invasion of privacy, I also lost some very, very sentimentel pieces.
Unfortunately, more and more we have to be careful about keeping things secure, and making it harder for them to steal, or damage. So Sad.

7:50 AM  
Blogger Maggie Ann said...

Thats sad to read about and scary to...I imagine it goes on quite regularly around the country. Sad to say, its important to keep our doors & windows locked. How hard it will be now for the single mum to feel safe. How nasty for makes me sad for her.

2:23 PM  

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