Sunday, October 22, 2006


Thank you from the bottom of my heart to those who left comments and emailed me - I do appreciate your prayers and support.
Nikki is doing really well considering - it was touch and go for a while, but she's a pretty tough cookie.
She is now awake and today was taken off her machines. They will start surgery to fix her face within the next day or so - broken cheekbones, shattered jaw and a nasty gash from chin to ear. As you can imagine she doesn't look too pretty right now, but she is alive.
The problem was not so much her injuries as the blood loss. She had to have a massive transfusion (the doc said all her blood, plus more) and the danger is, that stirs everything up.
She has metal rods in her leg, one arm encased to the shoulder in plaster and a few pins in her jaw so far...

Sorry for the gory details, but again, a huge thank you to you all - your prayers and kind thoughts definitely helped.



Friday, October 20, 2006

Dear blog friends, please pray for my step-daughter, Nikki, who is fighting for her life after being in an horrific car accident. She needs all your support and prayers, and so do we...


Thursday, October 12, 2006

Is It Thursday Already?

Well, it has been an interesting week thus far, some of the interest I could have lived without though!
Monday was fairly quiet. My girlfriend Kim, who I play netball with on Tuesdays, called to see if I wanted to look at investment properties with her after netball the next day. Being an extremely nosy type, of course I said yes!
We won our game and jumped in Kim's car ready for some house-hunting...going straight ahead through a green light, we were cut off by a @$%*()(^%$@# idiot turning right - from the left of us!!!! Poor Kim had no chance of not hitting him, fortunately we weren't going fast , so we weren't injured. But would you believe this moron then just drove straight off? I still can't believe that someone could cause an accident and drive away wothout stopping. Unfortunately, it all happened so fast we didn't get his number plate, and to be honest I wasn't expecting him to do a runner! *Insert a not very nice description here*

On a brighter note, I am making plans to do some travelling - not for a couple of years yet though. Let me explain...

Every year, when the Grade 12 kids finish school, it is tradition to celebrate with their friends at Schoolies Week usually on the Gold Coast. It is turning into something closer to a week of drunken revelry, drugs and sexual assault.
As Gabbie is going into Grade 11 next year, it is something to think about - and my thoughts are "no way!!"
So instead, I am taking her on a month-long trip to Europe. She wants to go to France, Germany, Switzerland and Italy. (Save, save, save! Thank goodness I have 2 years.)
Any advice on the best way to go about a trip like this would be most gratefully received. At this stage I am thinking of renting a place in France as a base and heading out and about from there...

That has been my week so far - today I have stayed inside and been very quiet! I'm hoping for a nice, relaxing weekend...wish me luck LOL.


Monday, October 09, 2006

5 Weird Things Meme

Having seen this on a heap of blogs (and quite possibly tagged I think!) I have decided to do this one...

Weird Thing #1
I am considered "weird" by all my friends - and immediate family too! Mainly because - well, I think they think I'm crazy;lala;doolally;bonkers.

Weird Thing #2
Despite being only thirty something, I like (in Miss Gabbie's words) "old-fogey music". Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Glenn Miller, Billie and Etta and Louis and even Dizzy. My very favourite piece of music in the whole, entire world is Pachelbel's Canon.
But Beyonce's voice can move me to tears too...

Weird Thing #3
I am addicted to magazines - Country Living (both British and American), Handmade, Organic Gardening, Romantic Homes, Green Earth, and the list goes on and on.
I would move to the States for the magazines alone!

Weird Thing #4
I desperately want to travel, but my fear of flying keeps me at home (for now). I was fine until I had I have all sorts of strange worries. I think it stems from the nastiness of today's society.

Weird Thing #5
I read lots of blogs, but lately I have been to darn lazy to comment - my apologies :)
I'm going through an introspective phase, where I think alot, and talk very little. I hardly leave the house and am happy to be cloistered away from the world.
In a month, however, I could be the ultimate party animal!

Not tagging no one for this, because I think most everyone's done it already!


Saturday, October 07, 2006

For the second year running, we lost the grand final by one goal - ONE GOAL!!! This little vegemite is not a happy camper at the moment. I'm a wee bit competitive and don't like to lose. Everyone says it's meant to be fun playing sport - well I'm sorry, but for me, losing isn't fun!
Anyway, that means I play another year of netball - no retirement until I actually win this particular competition LOL

In other developments, the sewing room has been cleared out, in readiness for finally getting some walls! I have 10 large plastic containers full of "stuff" with nowhere to put them. The sewing machine will go into my bedroom I think - a bit cramped, but I can still sew if I want/need. Once the walls are sheeted, it turns into Miss Gabbie's new bedroom, so basically, I have lost my sewing room until downstairs is finished. And you may have noticed that around here, we don't like to rush these things! (Wall frames have been up for 14 months - that's terrible!)

Much as I love my Sweetie, he is very disorganised about getting things around here finished in any sort of order. Things get started and then we wait, and we wait...
We put in our shed around the same time as the walls in the house and today, he finished building the retaining wall around the shed! Yay!!!! Now I can get a garden happening to screen the shed from the road a little.

So it seems things are happening around here - must be the Spring weather huh?


Thursday, October 05, 2006


Well, I have been enjoying the delightful Spring weather we have been having here in South East Queensland - my only complaint is I would dearly love a little more rain...
It would save me hauling the watering can to the vege garden four or five times every afternoon.

Yes, the garden is coming along quite nicely. The corn is starting to poke through, as are the sunflowers I tossed in for good measure. No sign of the carrots or broccoli yet... I also popped a fewstrawberry plants in, and they are looking marvellous.
On the seedling front, I have lots of lettuce, two types of tomatoes and cucumber growing madly in the trays - still waiting on the capsicum to show it's face.
This vege garden is kind of an interim measure until I get the permaculture up and running. In a couple of weeks I get my child support for the month and I am going to use it to buy the pipe and other things I need to make a portable chook (hen) tractor. Should I feel bad? No, the kids will get as much benefit and fun from having chooks as I will - and they love eggs!
Anyway, the chook tractor is apparently snake-proof (which is good, because I have seen a couple), and hopefully fox-proof. Although I can make sure of that.
Once it is finished I get to go and buy some chicks - I want 12 - and then they can get busy digging the garden beds for me :)

Last week I went for a drive to the only organic supermarket within a reasonable distance, and purchased a Bokashi Bucket What a great thing it is! I can now put ALL my kitchen scraps into it (including small amounts of meat and paper), without the hike down to the compost every evening. It doesn't smell at all, and I get to use it all in my garden in 3-4 weeks.

This Sunday, the kids and I are driving to the Gold Coast to go to the only dedicated organic markets around here. I'm looking forward to seeing what they offer. The kids are also desperate to go to the beach LOL

Still no soapmaking done around here, and the school holidays are nearly over LOL. It has been a quiet hols, and I don't know about the kids, but I've enjoyed them! No running around like a madwoman as is usually the case, just cruising through each day and enjoying what it brings...

I have a grand final to play in tonight for netball. Wish me luck - the family are coming to watch! LOL After this, I am down to one game a week instead of three, so that will free up a little time!! Although I am thinking about playing six-a-side soccer one night a week - we'll see.

Anyhow, that's all the news for now - stay safe and happy my friends xx