Monday, October 29, 2007

Rain. Autumn. Bella.

We have had rather a lot of rain overnight.
Lightning and thunder you would not care to know about (I spilt my cup of tea I got such a fright!). A house up the road burnt to the ground from being hit by a lightning strike.

The first pic is of the backyard by the vege patch - I think the tomatoes may have drowned!
The second is looking toward the neighbour on the other side of the yard. That rain is gushing down the hill.

I have also made a canvas to put on ebay, just to see if there is any interest.
Here name is Autumn and I think she is quite lovely and serene.
She has rose, crystals, ribbon and lace to adorn her and a little butterfly fluttering about.

"There is harmony in autumn
And a lustre in the sky
Which through the summer
is not heard or seen."

Percy Bysse Shelley

And finally, a picture of the family cat - Bella, doing what cats do best!

Have a great day!!



Blogger Kali said...

I stay away from the computer for a few days and you go and make 3 new posts on me!
WoW ~ your canvas collages are beautiful, and Gab's is precious these are.
All that rain must be so welcome.
I remember the big loud thunderstorms in the NT, and have had nothing that comes remotely close to them here. The energy was amazing...though I was always petrified of the thunder. LOL
Glad you have your camera working again...I have really enjoyed your pics.
xo Kali

8:12 PM  
Blogger VintagePretty said...

It has been raining! Everything looks wonderfully wet and grey in your photos. The canvas is lovely, I'm sure it'll sell immediately. You have got an eye for these things :)

Bella looks very content, and sleepy, just how I feel!

10:49 PM  

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