Monday, November 19, 2007

Happy Birthday Miss*G!
Sweet 16 today.


Saturday, November 10, 2007

This Is Your Life...

My friends, I fear I am turning into a dullard of the worst type!
Of all the things I could have been doing on an overcast Saturday (a luxurious bath, reading my new book), I spent almost the entire day cleaning and cataloguing my pantry!
Yes you did read that right.

What is worse is that I took photos and am blogging about it! I apologise, I am a bore, but the pantry looks lovely now. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately for you), I neglected to take photos of the "before" so you will have to take my word when I tell you that I found things in there I had forgotten existed!
I also discovered I hadn't checked the use by dates on my spices for a good couple of years...

So, I leave you now with said photos of my food store cupboard - If you look closely you might find some Strawberry Tim Tams on the top shelf, which will go perfectly with the cup of tea I am about to make.


Friday, November 09, 2007


It happens every year (except for one, when I was so organised you just wouldn't believe it).


It just sneaks on up behind me and at the last minute screams boo! And gives me an awful fright.

I have not started any shopping, and I'm really not planning to do a lot - I will make some things for those close to me, but I should probably get started on that very soon.
I need a new tree and decorations too. I have been wanting a white tree desperately for a long time now. I think I shall make a concerted effort to find one over the next few weeks.

You know there are bloggers who are starting to think about decorating already? Oh, how I wish I was so organised (and excited to be honest). My Christmas decorating really just consists of the tree plopped in a corner somewhere with some tinsel and a few lights and hanging baubles. Actually, last year we didn't even have that!

Seems the older I get, the less interested I get. I feel sorry for my kids - there doesn't seem to be any Christmas Magic here at all...


Sunday, November 04, 2007

Sunday in Pictures (and some words)

As promised some photos for you of my (now second) favourite picnic spot.
The kids and I packed a lunch this morning and headed off to Darlington Park, about 40 minutes from home.
After all the storms and rain our area has been having lately, everything is delightfully green.
Unfortunately, when we arrived we found the flies were so bad as to make things really quite unpleasant. After taking some snaps, we jumped back in the car for a little scenic tour, taking photos as we went.
After some sightseeing, we took a different route and drove just about into New South Wales - literally. We drove down the Lions Road and found the most amazing place, but I'm not telling you the name - I don't want it to get too discovered!
The kids had a ball swimming and lolling about in the water as you can see.
We have decided to return next weekend, and we may even take up camping!

This is the Kerry Valley - beautiful and green.

How cute is this church?

Darlington Park with it's wonderful old fig trees (and thousands of flies!)

Technically this is the Albert River at Darlington, but it's more of a creek at this spot.

The kids under the fig tree.

Miss*G took this pic - how gorgeous are the colours?

This is Darlington School - one room and a stunning Jacaranda.

This is our new swimming spot.


This leads to a hidden spot you can see in the video.

See how clear the water is?



Saturday, November 03, 2007


Now, what shall we do this weekend?

I for one, have to work tonight :( Oh well at least it won't interfere with the day!

Miss*G is maybe going on a date today. Being teenagers they still haven't organised themselves properly!
Harry Bear has a friend over and they are happily playing whatever games 10 year old boys play (I think it involves some sort of war-like theme).
The Princess has nothing planned - she is like a bear and would happily sleep all day if I let her. I'm guessing she will loll about watching movies.

I am doing laundry (I am ALWAYS doing laundry) because it is a hot, sunny day and ideal for drying sheets and the like.

Tomorrow, let's see...

Maybe a picnic - yes that sounds like a delightful idea! I will take the camera and show you the best picnic spot in SE Queensland!


Thursday, November 01, 2007

Complete Luxury

I'm so excited!

Next year, in 12 months time (oh how will I ever wait that long?) I'm going to Tahiti!!

Not just Tahiti, but Moorea and Bora Bora too. Actually, I'm going on a cruise for 10 nights around French Polynesia.

I am taking Miss*Gabbie for her birthday, and my best friend from NZ (and Miss*G's godmother) is coming too.

We will be sailing around on this ship.

I will leave you with some pictures to drool over...