Friday, November 09, 2007


It happens every year (except for one, when I was so organised you just wouldn't believe it).


It just sneaks on up behind me and at the last minute screams boo! And gives me an awful fright.

I have not started any shopping, and I'm really not planning to do a lot - I will make some things for those close to me, but I should probably get started on that very soon.
I need a new tree and decorations too. I have been wanting a white tree desperately for a long time now. I think I shall make a concerted effort to find one over the next few weeks.

You know there are bloggers who are starting to think about decorating already? Oh, how I wish I was so organised (and excited to be honest). My Christmas decorating really just consists of the tree plopped in a corner somewhere with some tinsel and a few lights and hanging baubles. Actually, last year we didn't even have that!

Seems the older I get, the less interested I get. I feel sorry for my kids - there doesn't seem to be any Christmas Magic here at all...



Blogger Remiman said...

Oh dear, I think you need a visit to the land of fantasy where you can walk the beachs of pixie dust and elf droppings. (elf's drop little diamonds)
Christmas never comes to me. I have to go and get it and bring it into my heart. I know where to find it and I go to 425 Oak street and lo an behold there it is in all its splender and willingly comes home with me and lets me spread it all over the floor!

7:49 PM  
Blogger Puss-in-Boots said...

Oh dear...the blahs are settling in early, Christmas is still a little way off yet.

I know who pinched your mango...

BTW your curtains sold this morning. I owe you $20. No, I didn't buy them but I used the money towards the new table I bought.

3:30 PM  

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