Saturday, November 03, 2007


Now, what shall we do this weekend?

I for one, have to work tonight :( Oh well at least it won't interfere with the day!

Miss*G is maybe going on a date today. Being teenagers they still haven't organised themselves properly!
Harry Bear has a friend over and they are happily playing whatever games 10 year old boys play (I think it involves some sort of war-like theme).
The Princess has nothing planned - she is like a bear and would happily sleep all day if I let her. I'm guessing she will loll about watching movies.

I am doing laundry (I am ALWAYS doing laundry) because it is a hot, sunny day and ideal for drying sheets and the like.

Tomorrow, let's see...

Maybe a picnic - yes that sounds like a delightful idea! I will take the camera and show you the best picnic spot in SE Queensland!



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