Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Weekend...

I have my Friday nights back!
Since April, Fridays have been spent at the State Netball Centre, watching Gab's team play State League. Unfortunately, their season wasn't as successful this year as last, and they didn't make the finals. I am not complaining, because I have a tiny bit of my life back to call my own!
In 2 weeks, Saturdays will finish up as well - I'm so excited I can hardly stand it LOL

I might be able to do things that normal people do - like go out for lunch or dinner, go to the markets, and other fun stuff.

In other news, I am going to see a man about a job this afternoon. It's part-time and 2 minutes away at one of the local service (gas) stations. Not too taxing, but will allow me time to study when I leave my current job. Anyhow, we shall see how it goes.

Tomorrow afternoon, the girls from work are going to a Chocolate High Tea at the Stamford Plaza Hotel in the city. One of the girls is getting married in a month and we wanted to do something different - she is having a traditional hen's party in Sydney in a few weeks, as she is getting married down there.
I'm looking forward to a decadent afternoon!

Tonight I'm going for dinner at Mum's - free feed, yay! LOL

Tomorrow morning is Netball photos, so I have to rise early on Sunday morning and make myself look presentable - that could take some time!

So how is your weekend shaping up?

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New Beginnings

As if I haven't had enough changes over the past year or thereabouts, today I handed in my resignation at work...
I have 5 weeks before I finish up.

A lot of in-depth thought has gone into my decision. It comes down to several things. Probably the most pressing one is finances. I simply cannot afford to be travelling so far to work every day.

But more than that, I now have the opportunity for the first time in my life, to live MY life.
I'm no longer beholden to anyone - besides my kids, and lets face it, they have to put up with me.
There is no other person to make me think I should be doing something other than what makes me happy and fulfilled.
Truly, as long as I have a roof over my head, fresh food on the table and a creative outlet, then I can be satisfied.

I want to experience a life full of Charm and Grace, imbued with all of the senses. Taste, smell, touch, live.
I no longer need to be grey. I can be vintage red with hints of aqua blue! And polkadots.

Time for a new life...


Saturday, August 23, 2008

Is Anyone Still Here?

I am well aware how long it has been since I have even visited the wonderful wide web, and believe me, I'm happy to be back in touch...

An awful lot has happened in the last 10 (that long?) months!

I have a new life, as a single mumma to my two girls. Harry Bear has gone to live with his Dad in NZ. He is happy over there, and visits frequently, so really it's not too bad.

The girls and I have moved to a house in town (not the city!) and the Princess can walk to school.

Miss*G left school at the end of last year and is now doing a traineeship in business studies. She is doing very well at it and loves having her own money and independance.

The girls are still playing lots of netball - especially this year. It's now pretty much all over for the season bar the shouting, so I can breathe a little.

I am still working full time, commuting an hour each way to work. The fuel costs are a struggle, so I am looking for something close to home, that allows me some time to have a life!

I haven't sewn or made anything for over a year, and I'm frustrated with that. It has taken some adjusting, but I am hoping that now I am back in blogland it will motivate me a little more. Although exhaustion has a part to play too :)

I hope to visit all my friends over the next couple of weeks to say "hi!"
And get my camera out to take some pics too!!

Until then...