Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I finished up at my job today. It seems like an eternity since I decided to leave...in reality it's been 5 weeks. Five looooong weeks!

I feel free!

That won't last long however. I am trudging into the city tomorrow to see about some temp work until I find something close to home.

Work didn't want me to leave, however they simply couldn't match the salary I can get elsewhere - and I'll happily work for what they were paying - if I'm 2 minutes from home :)

To distract myself from all that boring stuff, I am currently trying to decide where to go for my Christmas holiday. It's only Miss*G and myself - Brooke is in NZ with Harry and her Dad...

We quite like the idea of a day at the beauty spa here in town (scrubbing, waxing, tanning etc) in preparation for a week at the Gold Coast. Miss*G is a beach freak - I can take it or leave it. I'm quite excited at the thought of running along the beach at sunrise however!

I have just "enrolled" in a 12 week BodyBlitz to motivate myself into getting rid of the flab - the goal is to be trim, taut 'n' terrific by Xmas! I'm even keeping a food diary - it's a good way to be accountable I have found :)
So basically, you sign up, give your measurements and take shameful photos of yourself and send them in.
Then you work your butt off - literally! In 12 weeks, you give your measurements and new pics - hopefully looking way better than the first lot! I think there is a prize, but I'm not doing it for that -just for me :)

I won't show you the cringe-making pics but if I'm successful I'll show you those photos! lol

The girls and I are having a "girly day out" in the city tomorrow. Should be fun - I'll tell you how it goes...


Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I have learnt a valuable lesson...

Repeat after me: I will NOT try and save myself money by colouring my own hair (well at least not when going from darker to lighter).

Let me explain.

I get bored very easily, and instead of changinig my hairstyle, I change the colour quite frequently.

My most recent incarnation was auburn, and I had been that through most of winter, and needed a change - back to blonde I would go then...

What happened dear readers? A charming shade of orange. ORANGE!!

It's the worst possible colour for my skin tone (for anyone's I should think).

I spent a couple of hours at the hairdresser yesterday getting it fixed, and while I was there I got it all cut off too!

I went from this.....

To this...

Without the orange in between!


Thursday, September 11, 2008

You will be pleased to know that I am clean again! The very nice gas man delivered a bottle for me the same day, so I didn't get too whiffy!

Nothing too exciting to report at this time actually. Just work, work and more work...
I finish up at my current job on the 30th of Sept - a couple more weeks to go.
Then I have no idea what I am doing! lol Actually I will temp until I can figure out the meaning of (my) life. With a bit of luck that will give me some time to have a life, wouldn't that be nice?

Maybe even a few minutes here and there to get in front of the sewing machine, and to create a cosy little home...


Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I Need A Shower

Whilst I do love having my hot water on gas, because there is always hot water, there are times when it becomes quite inconvenient.
Such as now, when I run out of gas, and have no hot water at all.

I only have provision for one gas bottle (how silly), so I run out of gas every three months or so. It probably won't be so bad in summer, but it's not so warm yet that I will have a cold shower.

I am one who likes my showers warm 90% of the time - it has to be close to boiling point outside before I'll have a cold shower!

So don't tell anyone, but today I'm going to be slightly unclean (I didn't do my workout, so no sweat!) and wearing lots of perfume!

And task number one on my list today? Call the gas man and beg him to deliver a bottle of gas for me!