Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I finished up at my job today. It seems like an eternity since I decided to leave...in reality it's been 5 weeks. Five looooong weeks!

I feel free!

That won't last long however. I am trudging into the city tomorrow to see about some temp work until I find something close to home.

Work didn't want me to leave, however they simply couldn't match the salary I can get elsewhere - and I'll happily work for what they were paying - if I'm 2 minutes from home :)

To distract myself from all that boring stuff, I am currently trying to decide where to go for my Christmas holiday. It's only Miss*G and myself - Brooke is in NZ with Harry and her Dad...

We quite like the idea of a day at the beauty spa here in town (scrubbing, waxing, tanning etc) in preparation for a week at the Gold Coast. Miss*G is a beach freak - I can take it or leave it. I'm quite excited at the thought of running along the beach at sunrise however!

I have just "enrolled" in a 12 week BodyBlitz to motivate myself into getting rid of the flab - the goal is to be trim, taut 'n' terrific by Xmas! I'm even keeping a food diary - it's a good way to be accountable I have found :)
So basically, you sign up, give your measurements and take shameful photos of yourself and send them in.
Then you work your butt off - literally! In 12 weeks, you give your measurements and new pics - hopefully looking way better than the first lot! I think there is a prize, but I'm not doing it for that -just for me :)

I won't show you the cringe-making pics but if I'm successful I'll show you those photos! lol

The girls and I are having a "girly day out" in the city tomorrow. Should be fun - I'll tell you how it goes...



Blogger Nicole said...

I hope you find work closer to home that pays gazillions of dollars. Then we can aaalllll go to the day spa together lol. I can't even rub self tanning lotion on without getting stuffing it up somehow. Have an awesome day tomorrow. xox

10:41 PM  
Blogger shellyC said...

Good luck on the work front. And with the fitness thing - do you pay something up front? I hope it is a big prize - i should do something like that too - take the photos and then photoshop them!!!

7:06 AM  

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