Saturday, November 29, 2008


Hello to the two people who still read this blog! lol
It has been pointed out to me that it has been nearly a month since I posted...sorry.

The reason for that is...nothing blog-worthy has been happening to me - unless you want this to be a blog about netball, netball and more netball! (I know it's not supposed to be netball season, but believe me, it never stops).

I'm still only working part-time, and have realised that I am completely disorganised when I'm not working full It's that old "it'll still be there tomorrow" syndrome.

Haven't been on any dates - but am still chatting to the same guy I was last post - and yes we are both slack, but he works funny days and there is about an hour and a half drive between us. We will get together at some point! In the meantime, we have a very nice text relationship going :)

My teenage daughters are the loves of my life and the bane of my existence - I'm sure parents of teenagers everywhere will understand!

Have decided that it's ok to spend money on myself - even when it's tight. I like to look good, and that involves the occasional trip to the hairdresser, and getting my body hair ripped out by the roots...and as it's summer in 2 days, I am even going to treat myself to a fake tan! It's the only kind of tan I can get - lily white, that's me.

So there you have it - a summary of the last month in the life of Flossy.

See you in a month then!! :)