Sunday, January 11, 2009

2009 - A New Start

Ok, I know how slack I've been in 2008, but I'm inspired all over again this year to re-blog!

Have had an epiphany or two over the last couple of months, and am feeling like a new woman :)

So here is my first post for the new year - by the way I hope everyone has an awesome year this year. We all deserve it!

So, let me tell you what I've been up to then...

I spent my Xmas down at the Gold Coast, and loved it so much we have made the decision to move down there at the end of this year. Unfortunately, due to commitments already made, we can't go any sooner.

While on holidays, I got my very first tattoo! Yes I did! It's chinese and means "accomplish everything without fear" and it's on my behind so I'm not showing you. And everytime I see it, it reminds me to live a life full of, well, life!

So yesterday, Miss G and I went to see a performance at the State Library of Queensland (what an amazing place - I could live there!) by a quirky 6 piece outfit from Melbourne called Croque Monsieur. They were fantastic and by the end had everyone up dancing to the rumba! Lol.
After that we went on the "Brisbane Eye", basically a giant bloody ferris wheel. Good Fun - as you can tell by the pics below...

Yep, lots of fun.
Today for something completely different, Mss G decided we should go hiking, so we piled ourselves into the car this morning and tootled up to Mt Tamborine - Cedar Creek Falls to be exact. Never been there before, but turns out it was only about 1.5km of walking track. We walked it anyway and took some pics for you :)

After that we headed up to Lamington National Park and had lunch (with the cheeky parrots who stole my lunch!), then embarked on a 10.6km hike - oh yes we did, and we are both feeling it now I can tell you! We saw 4 different waterfalls, and had to cross the river at 4 different spots - resulting in yucky wet shoes, ugh! We are sore and exhausted but we had an absolute blast!
We are now planning another hike in April, which is about 24km...we need training for that one lol.
Some of what we saw...

So that was the weekend :)



Blogger Puss-in-Boots said...

Good to see you blogging and what a first post! I feel so ashamed...I just went to Cirque du Soleil...with the tickets you and Toni bought me for my birthday. Gonna put a post up about after this. One word? Incredible!

Anyway your weekend sounds very healthy. Love the crimson rosella eating your lunch...heheh.

Talk soon.

9:15 PM  
Blogger shellyC said...

Happy New Year to you too.
That hike looks wonderful. Good on you for all your excercising - i wish i could be that motivated!!

8:58 PM  
Blogger Nicole said...

My... what a big tree you have dear! xox lol

11:22 PM  

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