Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I find it interesting that one small occurance in a person's life can sometimes have a profound effect on the rest of their life, on their actions, on their thoughts.

That something tiny can be the thing that sets you free, within yourself.

It is an incredible thing, to feel free, and not something that everyone experiences within their lifetime. It is a state of mind, rather than a physical thing. It's a feeling of relief, of a weight being lifted. It's light as a feather...
It's a feeling that you can do anything you want, be anyone you want and the whole world is laid out in front of you just for your pleasure.

What to do first...

Do what it is you want to do.

Do what it is you want to do.

Do what it is you want to do.

Get out and experience the things you have always wanted to try - you may not enjoy them as much as you thought, but you have done them, and that knowledge alone is uplifting.

Be free.



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